HYT H1 Cigar timepiece is the watchmaker’s first ultimate customized creation

Be it the limited edition Skull watch or the unique H1 Sand Barth timepiece, all the creations by Swiss watchmaker HYT are amazing to look at and are loaded with stunning innovative features. Meet their latest offering, the H1 Cigar, which is the first customized watch from HYT and a demonstration of the almost limitless possibilities for developing unique cases that combine “polyepoxyde” resin with a solid element of our choosing. For more than two years, HYT and its partners have been working together to create a material able to integrate external elements chosen by future owners. “The real challenge was to develop an alloy whose chemical structure we could alter by adding solid, foreign elements to its basic formula, without affecting either its reliability or technical properties, such as hardness, density or brilliance”, explains Vincent Perriard, HYT CEO. “Our knowledge of fluid technology, in conjunction with the right partner, with an added pinch of audacity — or perhaps insanity — allowed us to achieve this goal!”

hyt-h1-cigar-1This new high tech resin when molded can offer countless customizations. Indeed, when molded into the shape of watch components, additional components can be added to this transparent material to enhance its appearance. Developed with La Casa Cubana cigar bar in Singapore, the HYT H1 Cigar uses the same recipe as leaves of Rodolfo Vitola’s cigars become apparent parts of the watch’s case. The titanium parts of the case have been treated to create a beautiful brown PVD make over as well giving them a gorgeous soft bronze look perfectly complementing the cigar leafs. The hour ring on the open worked dial has been transformed from silver to warm brown in color that accentuates the sub-seconds dial even more. The minutes dial is circled in gold proudly displaying the logo of La Casa Cubana bar as well as both the flag of Cuba and Singapore. It comes on a brown alligator leather strap with a titanium bronze PVD pin buckle. This watch is limited to only 8 pieces worldwide

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