The limited edition HYT Skull watch comes with a futuristic Iron Man-inspired dial

Would you buy a watch that indicates hours but does not show minutes? May be not, right? However, wait until you see the new HYT Skull watch that not looks futuristic but is absolutely fabulous. Originally destined to be launched on 19 January, it seems the brand couldn’t wait that long and has unveiled the new limited edition timepiece. The HYT Skull is based on the original HYT H1, which was later followed by the H2. In this timepiece, HYT has reshaped the capillaries of its ‘liquid timekeeping’ technology into the outline of a skull. The dial of the HYT Skull indicates the hours, seconds, and has a power reserve indicator.

hyt-skull-watch-2Skull themes watches are quite popular, but the HYT Skull is definitely one of the best looking. The HYT Skull watches will be offered in two versions, one will be in DLC black titanium with green liquid (Skull Green Eye) and rose gold + DLC black titanium with red liquid (Skull Red Eye). The watch will come in a new HYT case size of 51mm wide and 17.9mm thick. The rear of the case is viewable through a sapphire crystal window, offering a look into the movement. The HYT Skull Green Eye is a limited edition of 50 pieces and the HYT Skull Red Eye is a limited edition of 25 pieces. There is no word on the price but it is most likely to be priced in the range of $50,000 – $60,000.

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