Jacob and co Fleurs de Jardin a women’s timepiece you will instantly fall in love with

Summer feels warm and vivid, monsoons feel fresh and invigorating but there’s something about spring that stays in the heart. It is a season that’s a tad bit better than the rest and most would concur. The idea of getting spring on your wrist seems perplexing until I divulge it’s a timepiece I’m referring to. Why spring? Take one look at the high-end feminine timepiece from Jacob & Co. with 11 brilliant flowers of kite-shaped amethyst, pink and icy blue sapphires, tsavorites, citrines, orange garnets and rubies perched masterfully around a mother-of-pearl dial and it will remind you of only spring. The exquisite Fleurs de Jardin watch takes inspiration from the sophisticated mechanism of the Astronomia Solar watch. Personally, I love how high watch making has got this burst of color and personality as the entire timepiece is overcast in pink sapphires, with 46 stones (~1.05cts) on the dial, 48 stones (~1.31cts) on the rose gold inner ring, 40 stones (~3.7cts) on the rose gold bezel and 50 stones (~1.4cts) on the charming butterfly-shaped clasp.

Such elegant craftsmanship is expected of Jacob & Co.and the Fleurs de Jardin is no different from the flying tourbillon cage rotates on itself once every sixty seconds, to the rose gold and blue lacquered globe. The cynosure of this gemstone-studded canvas is a Jacob-cut Citrine with 288 faces. The Jardin des Fleurs watch is available in two versions, with a mother-of-pearl base set with 46 icy blue or pink sapphires (approx. 1.05 carats). Both versions are limited editions of 101 pieces.

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