Limited edition Hermès Harnais Français Remix watch uncovers a marvelous hand painted porcelain dial

How many of you know of the connection between Hermes and horses? The connection goes back to the early 1900s; even Its logo is of a Duc carriage with horse. The French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer started way back in 1837 as a harness manufacturer in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris. Their latest collection uncovers a limited and numbered edition of 24 arceau watches that bring back memories of the past and talents of Henri d’Origny. The arceau harnais français watch, in particular, is one of the most beautiful watches of all time, and one look at its marvelous dial that resembles a painted porcelain miniature and you’re a fan. The watch exudes an eternal charm with its gorgeous white gold case set with 82 diamond framing an engraved and hand-painted porcelain dial that’s going to be mentioned several times to complement its beauty and do it justice. Speaking of this dial in detail we know the dial motif, displaying elegantly harnessed horses, echoes the central element of the “Harnais Français Remix” silk scarf, originally designed by Hugo Grygkar, the prolific in-house designer from the 1940s to 1959. Unglazed Limoges porcelain holds the silhouette of the horses in different colors and multicolored feathers the beauty of which is enhanced by perpetual and precise firings in the kiln in order to fix and enhance the pigments.

The arceau harnais français remix watch is driven by the H1912 mechanical self-winding movement and is crafted in the Hermès horloger workshops. As mentioned earlier there will only be 24 of these beautiful timepieces in the world.

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