Looking for a unique gift? How about a gold plated Lego purse?

Looks like Lego fever is still in the air! Luxury designers have been endlessly inspired by the toy bricks but they’re not the only ones, an enterprising couple from Krakow, Poland have created Agabag, a line of unique Lego accessories available on Etsy. Cufflinks, bracelets, rings and even earrings are part of Agnieszka Biernacka and Tomasz Biernacki’s repeetoire, but the Lego clutches are definitely the standout.

lego-handbag-5Made from Lego bricks on the outside and lined with satin on the inside, the clutches are generally available in standard Lego colors but the couple also offer a few purses made with gold plated bricks. These are regular plastic bricks given a thin coat of 24 carat gold (Thin enough for the Lego logo to be visible) for a bit of extra bling. As much as we’d like a clutch made with solid gold bricks, that’s probably going to be a pipe dream.

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lego-handbag-4But even if flashy gold is not your style, Agabag offers plenty of creative designs to choose from; our favorites are the UK flag clutches but the solid colors are pretty eye catching too. The standard clutches retail for about $180 while the gold detailed ones would set you back by over $300.

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lego-handbag-2You can buy them here.

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