LVMH’s Bernard Arnault breaks the Internet by flexing his ultra-rare Patek Philippe.

Bernard Arnault, chairman for LVMH, owns some of the most coveted luxury brands in the world. Some include Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, TAG Heuer, Dom Perignon, Sephora, Tiffany & Co, and many others. Other than all these excellent brands, his recent possession caught the eye of the watch and luxury fans all over; a unique Tiffany Blue Patek Philippe 5740. The uber attractive watch was spotted on the billionaire’s wrist on Frédéric Arnault’s Instagram post. The father-son duo played a game of chess while wearing a kingly timepiece. Frederick is the CEO of TAG Heuer, and it speculated the watch he was wearing looked like a Tag Heuer Carrera. Still, the topic of discussion was undoubtedly the prestigious white gold perpetual calendar in the Nautilus family.

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A close-up of the uncommon watch was also leaked, revealing a stunning Tiffany Blue dial and black and white hour markers and hands similar to the 5711 pieces. What makes this watch even more sought-after is the addition of black perpetual calendar sub-dial lettering and a moonphase window. This also means that the price tag on the excellent accessory is much higher than Tiffany Blue 5711 models, retailed at $52,635. It is nearly impossible to put a price on a 5740 unique piece.

Interestingly, the release of Arnault’s premium Patek Philippe makes the $6.5 million Tiffany Blue 5711 sold by Phillips seems almost like a standard watch. A lot of watch fans commented on Frederick Arnault’s post. One user noticed the Patek Phillipe on Bernard Arnault’s hands and wrote, ‘You can announce you have acquired Patek now.’ Another user, cheesycowboy commented, ‘This 5740 will break the internet.’ While most of the internet was left jaw-dropped at this exceptional watch, there were a few who didnt like the opulent timepieces or its blatant show-off.

Askar_t remarked, ‘Thanks for bringing Patek down to Hublot levels,’ while shameonwrist quipped, ‘I never thought that I would say this. But I would choose your Tag Heuer over that PP.’ To each his own, but Bernard can say Check Mate with that out-of-the-box Tiffany Blue Patek Philippe 5740!