A watch that is inspired by a Lamborghini and made of a new exotic polycarbonate material

Two years back, MB&F launched the quirky HM5 timepiece, the 5th model in the Horological Machine family which was also the high-end boutique watch brand’s most affordable watch ever. Since then, the company has shifted its focus to other creations and recently launched the beautiful MusicMachine 2; and we are aware that the HM6 timepiece is in the works, but in the meanwhile the brand has come up with the all-black, HM5 CarbonMacrolon watch. Rather than just giving it a black makeover by slapping on a coat of black PVD, the brand worked with a specialist to develop a solid black material that could be polished and finished like metal. It took them 18 months to come up with ‘CarbonMacrolon’ which is a dense black polycarbonate resin reinforced with carbon nanotubes. It can be polished and finished like steel and its hardness is comparable to steel.

The CarbonMacrolon material is black right through, so there are no surface coatings to scratch off. The watch otherwise is identical to the zirconium HM5 timepiece launched in 2012. The HM5 watch has a racingcar-inspired design from which it got it name ‘On the Road Again’. The design of the case is meant to look like a sweeping fastback with rear window slits of cars like the iconic Lamborghini Miura. The louvers just, like in the racing cars, cover the engine driving it – the movement of the watch. HM5 CarbonMacrolon is a limited edition of 66 pieces and priced at $63,000.

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