Parmigiani reveals the world’s first mechanical clock based on Islamic lunar calendar

Finally a Swiss Haute Horlogerie company has decided to create a watch featuring a Hegirian calendar (the Islamic lunar calendar). This new first of its kind watch from Parmigiani will feature a thirty-year continuous lunar calendar, paying its tribute to the Islamic community. The watch dial will spot the date in Arabic numerals, the day of the week and the month in Arabic calligraphy, the leap years in Arabic numerals along with the solar years in indices.

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The 126 x 96 x 55.20 mm clock with a mineral glass base dial set inside a 334.50 x 242.40 x 212.40 mm cabinet will be limited to 10 variants. The clocks will feature the PF236 basic movement and a 30-day power reserve. The cabinet is crafted in 925 silver and metal with a dustproof rhodium-plated finish. The Hegirian year, is actually a good 10 days shorter than the sun-based the Gregorian year, and thus has 354 or 355 days. Haute Living reports that it costs 9.5 million Dirhams ($2.5 millions).

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