The dial of this gorgeous $68,000 Bulgari watch is decorated from peacock feathers

Bulgari Diva’s Dream Peacock Dischi is a timepiece that shines brighter than a rainbow, is bluer than the bluest sea with the beauty one would find in a flock of a hundred peacocks. The timepiece is aptly named ‘diva’ as only a diva can do complete justice to the timepiece that’s a wonder of both Haute joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie. The watch unites design excellence, Bulgari’s untamable fascination with the natural world and fuses it all with techniques like marquetry, miniature painting, and the Bulgari-special Champlevé. The preening spirit of nature’s most magnificent creature, aka diva of the dense, a peacock, is captured in the Diva’s Dream Peacock Dischi in the form of two nested discs adorned with peacock feathers marquetry. The inner disc holds 24 natural hand-cut feathers typifying the eye of the peacock. The outer ring has a geometric pattern in brilliant blue, a color that plays the perfect metaphor for the bird regarded as immortal in medieval times, a symbol of wealth, fertility, and immortality too. While many may be myths, there is no questioning the majestic bird’s beauty that will stand out at the LVMH Watch Week for sheer beauty and brilliance. Another noteworthy element is using a round brilliant-cut diamond to indicate hours and a pear-shaped brilliant-cut diamond as the minute’s indicator. The dial also flaunts two domain-studded bezels flanked by sapphire indexes. The ancient feather marquetry meets the brilliant BVL 308 “Dischi” automatic movement in the elegant timepiece that also sports two fan-shaped pave motifs that blend with a striking deep blue alligator bracelet.

The Diva’s Dream Peacock Dischi is crafted in a limited edition of 50 pieces and is priced at $68,000. The stunning timepiece is a part of a three-watch collection by Bulgari which is unveiled at LVMH Watch Week, an annual launch event for the LVMH watch brands.

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