Bulgari goes bold with the Monete Catene Dual Time cuff. The glittering gold statement-making timepiece features two dials with different time zones and is a sight to behold

Some timepieces tell time, and then, thanks to Bulgari, there are watches that make time go still. The Monete Catene Dual Time cuff is one such example. The Roman Maison designed this statement-making piece inspired by a rectangular watch in the 1970s. Its most eye-catching detail is the presence of two dials with different colored hands on the broad bracelet. The different colors denote time from two different time zones. The Bulgari watch is a marriage of yellow and rose gold, along with baguettes (21.76 cts) and brilliant-cut diamonds (20.80 cts).

The enchantment is revealed on the sides of the case, where two emerald cabochons work as the ‘keys’ to show the otherwise hidden dials with a simple push. The case features a coin depicting the emperor Septimius Severus (193-211 AD) and his spouse Julia Domna (193-217 AD). The Monete Catene watches are dubbed so owing to their intricate chain bracelet design.

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The cuff counts five rows of links, held in the uniform clutches of white baguette-studded gold bars graced with baguette diamonds. For the curb chain bracelet on the Monete Catene watch, Bulgari sprinkled diamonds on the rose gold. The watch is powered by the Piccolissimo BVL 100 movement, created in-house, and takes pride in being the smallest round movement.

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This horological masterpiece with a 30-hour power reserve brings to life a bygone era with unmatched skill, combining its expertise in both high jewelry and high watchmaking.

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