This ultra fancy watch safe comes with watch winders, hi-fi system, bulletproof spy glass doors and costs a $295,000

The safe comes with watch winders, a display cabinet, a hi-fi system and bulletproof spyglass doors

What: Solitaire Vision Orbit Tourbillon
How much: HK$2.31 million
Why: Designed and crafted by German brand Buben&Zörweg, the Solitaire Vision Orbit Tourbillon is a luxury safe with watch winders and a display cabinet for serious watch collectors.

This model, which features a clock with a flying tourbillon at the top of the main display area, is limited to 25 pieces.

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The Solitaire Vision keeps watches safe, thanks to bulletproof spyglass doors. An integrated thermometer and hydrometer system strictly controls the temperature and humidity. Thirty-eight watches can be kept in the main display area, while another eight pieces can be stored in the SI-60 safe at the bottom.

The safe, which is VdS-certified and comes with a locking system with a 7-digit keypad and an emergency key, can also store other valuables. The cabinet also features a hi-fi system with Bluetooth capabilities for easy music streaming, in case you want to listen to music while admiring your watches. The integrated alarm system gives you peace of mind.

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