Damascus Edition Chronos Safe features military-grade electromechanicial lock to secure your time pieces

People value all kinds of things from jewelry to cars to cold hard cash and everything in between. And should one be a collector of some kind, the storage of those items, of the affluent nature, becomes top priority; take for example the watch safe to end all watch safes, designed specifically for a true connoisseur of fine wrist wear, the Damascus Edition Chronos Safe. Every bit of this exquisitely crafted tribute to both the legendary metal and the watches that would undoubtedly be placed inside, the Damascus Chronos is a masterpiece.

brownsafe-damascus-1The safe, built from legendary Damascus steel (of course that’s how it got its name), comes fully loaded with all the protection your precious timepieces could ever need – titanium bolt work, anti-drive, triple redundant relockers, biometric fingerprint entry, GPS anti-theft systems, home automation integration, automatic watch winder panels and more. The piece de resistance is it’s military grade X-09 kinetically driven and EMP hardened dial lock.

brownsafe-damascus-3The X-09 is a third generation electromechanicial lock, that’s housed inside a custom detailed shell that’s specially designed and machined from solid aerospace-grade aluminum with Damascus steal detailing. It‘s more than capable of keeping all kind of would-be watch thieves at bay. One of the unique features about this intimidating locking system is that it has no batteries to power the digital display. The X-09 generates its own power when the dial spins on the inside thus negating the need for cells or charging mechanisms. If you’re still not convinced of its indomitability just ask the US Government. They have been quite satisfied with the X-09’s capabilities and high standards of protection.

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brownsafe-damascus-4“These safes are not only a tribute to this legendary metal, but the master bladesmiths who forged it into perfect blades, each and every one of them” says Lynel Brown, Vice President of Brown Safe Manufacturing. “We aim for the same degree of precision, refinement and permanency in every safe we create.”

brownsafe-damascus-5Designers, Brown Safe, have committed to creating only a limited series of just 10 Damascus Edition Chronos safes, each of which will take about 1500 man hours to build. This family-run firm has been in the business of safe making for 35 years with contracts from the government, military, and private sectors. They have been dedicated to producing reliable products for those dedicated to keeping their items safe and sound.

brownsafe-damascus-6The luxury watch safe combines modern technology with elegant aesthetics, tried and tested locking mechanisms, high-grade materials and luxurious craftsmanship to bring to the elite 1% of society a truly one of a kind product.

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The safes has interior dimensions of – 42″ x 18″ x 16″ (HxWxD) and weigh in at 1350 lbs. A second model (no. 4218) features interior dimensions of 48.5″ x 24.5 x 27″. The overall feature set of the Damascus Edition Chronos Safe includes –
16 Winder Watch Panel with Orbita Programmable Winders
3 Self Closing Drawers – 1 x 1.5”, 1 x 2” and 1 x 3”
10” of Open Space with One Adjustable Shelf
Black leather interior lining
Frictionless Door
Double Anchor Locking Bolt Carriage Design and
Four 5/8” Floor Anchor Bolts

It’s pretty much the safest and most luxurious safe for your time pieces that would set you back $98,500 for a fully-featured model that includes the GPS anti-theft package and a multi-sensor alarm. So if you’re looking for that one thing to give the person has everything, especially if they have a large collection of high class wrist wear, look no further because this is it! Just keep in mind, only 10 of these metal masterpieces will be available this year, so you best not ‘waste any time’.


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