This watch winder made from a BMW engine is perfect for the car lover in you

There is no denying that engine blocks are a thing of beauty, and that’s why it’s not surprising that they are quite popular with designers who often turn them into eye-catching car-inspired furniture. In the past, we have seen engine blocks repurposed into coffee table, door stop, beautiful sculptures, and even a very cool wine rack made out of a big V6. Now there’s watch winder built out of a BMW straight six for those who have a taste for high end watches and automobiles both. Vulcan Innova’s VI52 Watch Winder is built from an old BMW M52 straight-six, the same type used in the E36 M3.

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The unique watch winder is built to hold six different watches at a time inside each of the cylinders. The winders are custom built using components CNC-machined from billet aluminum and are designed to integrate seamlessly into the engine’s body by appearing like pistons. Each piston can be custom-calibrated to wind a specific timepiece and there are up to 8 distinct winding modes, including individual modes for each watch which can be programmed using a button located to the side of each cylinder. The company will build 52 of these beautiful watch winders and each of them will be made to order by hand in Los Angeles, allowing customers to personalize small details like the engine block color, piston color, and even LED indicator colors on the buttons. The VI52 Watch Winder is priced at $25,000.

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