Ulysse Nardin Chairman WAVE Collection of smartphones by SCI

After giving us smartphones like the Chairman and stylish docks to place them, Scientific Cellular Innovations (SCI) is now out with theUlysse Nardin Chairman “WAVE” Collection of smartphones. The phone sports wave designs allover the screen, including “within the bezel underneath crystal details, the ceramic inlay between the keys and the battery cover”. The phone also features a new crown and rotor design. The Chairman “WAVE” Collection spots a polished case and chassis and a matte ceramic back. You can pick you’re the device in 4 hues, that include Blue Wave available in either Stainless Steel and Rose Gold, and a BLACK WAVE set again in either Stainless Steel and Rose Gold ornamented with black enamel.

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The collection will be up for grabs starting 2012. The phone comes with 32GB of memory, a 3.2’’ touch-screen with thumb print recognition and 3G capabilities. Click here for details.
Thanks Julia Covelli