Mobiado honors Dutch artist Piet Mondrian with a limited edition handset

Bar shaped mobile phones with keypad might have become obsolete with the leading smartphone makers but few luxury cell phone manufacturers have still stuck to the classic design to make some really beautiful uber-luxe handsets. Canadian luxury mobile phone maker Mobiado is one of those few companies and the famous small round buttons on their handsets are instantly recognizable. The company has come up with another limited edition handset to mark the birthday of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian on March 7. Its design is similar to company’s other limited edition phones like the Mobiado One-77 and Mobiado Professional 3AF, but the Professional 3 DC – Piet Mondrian sports a hand-painted livery inspired by a contemporary interpretation of the modernist’s artwork, imitating his use of asymmetry and his simplified pictorial expression.

Mondrian is considered as one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement and is best known for his artworks such as ‘Composition A’ painting. The limited edition device is the first in the brand’s new Dream Color series and a miniature reproduction of ‘Composition A’ is been painted within the battery cover. The Professional 3 DC handset of the Mobiado range is made from aircraft aluminum and is anodized to produce a rock hard ceramic coating and hand-painted by an artist. Large sapphire crystal plates have been inset into the aluminum body and the famous round buttons of the phone and the screws are made from stainless steel. There is no word on the pricing or the availability of the phone.

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