Video: Veteran literally collapses when he learns that his $346 Rolex Daytona is worth more than $700,000

Here’s a question- do you ever like a dress so much you never wear it to save it from sullying? Or ever baked a cake so pretty, you thought the best thing to do with it is not eating it at all? If yes, then you are not alone, the United States Air Force veteran David too, is the owner of a Rolex watch he never wore as it was ‘too nice to dive in – or even to wear at all. However, his decision landed him in a very profitable situation on Tv’s favorite Antiques Roadshow. On the show (famed for heartwarming acquisitions and astonishing responses), David presents the Rolex Daytona watch that he bought for less than $400 in the 1970s for valuation at a taping of the show held at Bonanzaville in North Dakota. The best part of the event is when the appraiser tells the veteran that the watch could fetch between $500,000 and $700,000 at auction in this time and age. The animated reaction of the veteran was expected as he collapsed to the ground, waving his arms and legs in the air. ‘You gotta be sh*****g me. Unbelievable,’ he said after he managed to get back to his feet.

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His rapture was further heightened as the appraiser said, ‘In this condition, I don’t think there’s a better one in the world’. Can’t imagine is euphoria over something he purchased as a member of the Air Force when he was stationed in Thailand in the 70s for $345.97.

[Via: Esquire]

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