The chances of stumbling upon a chunk of whale vomit are rather rare, but it seems to be happening too often on the shores of Thailand.

Thai fisherman  found  world’s biggest blob of whale puke – worth $3.2 million. Naris Suwannasang, 60, also spotted numerous pale rock-like lumps soaked up on a beach, in Southern Thailand.

On examining the discovery with friends at home, the large rocks, turned out to be ambergris that weighed almost 220 lbs (100kg)

Lucky year for fishermen living and thriving in the pristine beaches of Thailand.  Thai scavenger finds whale puke worth a staggering $665,000

It weighs 37 lbs, is worth more than half a million pounds. Surachet Chanchu was walking along the sand in Songkhla, southern Thailand, looking for recyclable waste when he noticed the lump.

Did you know a 1 lb lump of whale vomit can sell for £14,500 ($19406)? Which means he just made £536,500 ($7,18,073)

 Not just whale vomit but also weird looking creatures are considered treasures. While strolling a family discovered ‘alien like’ rare sea creatures worth $65,000 washed up on a UK beach

Yes, there are many beaches in Thailand; yes there is ample marine life too and surprisingly the very very rare ‘whale vomit’ also seems to be turning remarkably commonplace.

This incredibly lucky woman found a massive lump of whale vomit worth nearly $270,000 while walking outside her beach home in Thailand