An out of this world lucky catch – While strolling a family discovered ‘alien like’ rare sea creatures worth $65,000 washed up on a UK beach

The next time I am asked the question, “Are you a beach or mountain person”? My answer will surely be – a beach person! A lot of good things happen on a beach, even the rarest of them only occur at the beach- like accidentally uncovering a lump of whale vomit worth an estimated $320,000 or discovering alien-like, sea creatures worth $65,000 at a beach (where else!). A mountain would probably give you some excess mud on your shoes and nothing more. The beach certainly turned the tides of fortune in favor of a UK based family who made beachcombers of the world insanely jealous owing to their rare find- thousands of Gooseneck Barnacles moving in and out of its shells. The sea creature is the most expensive seafood in the word worth nearly $32 apiece making this family’s entire discovery worth over $65,000. The incident took place at a beach in Caernarfon, Wales when Martyn Green and his family found these white-shelled creatures clinging to a large piece of driftwood on the beach. After a quick Google search, Martyn’s son Daniel found that the creatures were in fact Gooseneck Barnacles. Martyn posted a video and pictures on his Facebook.but cleverly did not reveal the exact location of their discovery owing to the value of their find and to avoid opportunists.

The rare species of barnacle are a delicacy in countries such as Portugal and Spain and is truly valued as fisherman are known to brave treacherous tides and even harm from violent groups to get their paws on the pricey barnacles.

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[Via: Dailymail]

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