A Thai fisherman gets the catch of his life – A lump of whale vomit worth an estimated $320,000

Okay, I didn’t want to read this while sipping on my coffee, because the post is about vomit (belch) but I did. And now I have set the cup aside as never before in my life have I been so intrigued by vomit, whale vomit to be precise. I didn’t know anything about it so I googled it and found it’s called Ambergris which is a stone secreted by sperm whales and are used in making perfumes making it a rare and expensive commodity. A down-and-out Thai fisherman has struck gold as he toppled upon a huge lump of whale vomit at a beach in Koh Samui, southern Thailand. Jumrus Thiachot spotted the ambergris earlier this year, with no idea of its value until he contacted local authorities who then visited the fisherman at his home on Tuesday. On visiting his home they were able to confirm the waxy lump was genuine ‘whale vomit’ and his life has changed ever since.

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The destitute fisherman who earns $13 a day, could now net $325,000. Too bad he waited for almost a year before he contacted the authorities. The provincial governor of Surat Thani, Witchawuth Jinto, said the specialists would advise the fisherman how to get the best price for his lucky find. The perfume industry considers whale vomit a prized possession as, In April 2016, a 1.57-kilogram ambergris ball found in Lancashire sold for GBP50, 000 while in November of the same year, three Omani fishermen found 80 kilograms of ambergris and sold it for US $3million. Let’s hope Jumrus also gets a price that changes his life completely.

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