A rare 1635 world map is detailed with the Seven Wonders of the World

Is that old globe you were handed down just too off-themed for your beautiful medieval-styled home? Well, here’s a better way to know your way around the world, with a map from the 17th century. Put together by Willem Blaeu, a Dutch cartographer and atlas-maker, this wall map was also scaled down by Josua van Ende for inclusion in atlases. The 1635 world map is currently in Grade A condition and will be auctioned by Old World Auctions and comes complete with allegorical representations of the sun, the moon, the five known planets, the four elements, and the four seasons and vignettes showing the Seven Wonders of the World! To cost about $20,000-$24,000, the auction for this masterpiece from the past will shut on the 14th of September.

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