A rare bottle of champagne was sold for $136,000 at Cavalli Club, Dubai

I always thought that people purchase vintage spirits that have aged over hundreds of years to actually consume the liquor. But no, most seem to be buying them only to put them up on sale again. Maybe that’s why; this Saudi millionaire is my new hero! The man described as a “well-educated gentleman… who spoke several languages and ordered the bottle in French” ordered a $136,000 bottle of champagne at Dubai’s Cavalli Club, which is believed to be one of only three existing today. Club owner David Lescarret said that the other two are on sale at New York and London Night clubs.

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While the exact amount of the bill isn’t known, we know that the Cristal bottle was from a “batch made in 1990 in Champagne, France,” that was created to ring in the new Millennium. The club is said to have picked up the bottle at Christie’s, London, for around $93,000.

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