After Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s and Bentley’s Dubai cops will now get hoverbikes to patrol the streets

We already know that Dubai police has the most kickass fleet of patrol cars. The glamorous police department known for adding the latest and greatest supercars to its fleet now seems to be bored of speed and rather is becoming more tech-savvy by the day. After recently showcasing a self-driving Robocop-ish surveillance car, the Dubai police are now testing a new hoverbike concept that could be used to reach emergencies more quickly by 2020. The ultra-cool crime-fighting was shown off to onlookers at a recent tech convention, alongside the prototype robotic car. Even a YouTube video was posted by HoverSurf showing the bike being tested in an open tarmac area as officers look on.

YouTube video

The battery-powered hoverbike named Scorpion, which started as a crowdfunding project, was developed by Russian drone manufacturer Hoversurf. When piloted, the hoverbike can fly for up to 25 minutes, hit speeds of up to 70kph (43mph) and carry up to 300kg (660lbs) of weight. The hoverbike is also capable of flying without a pilot and can reach heights of five meters in this mode. The hoverbike and robocar both are currently undergoing testing and the Dubai police plans to deploy them on the streets as soon as possible. The police force also says that it wants robots to make up 25 per cent of its patrolling officers by 2030.


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