The worlds favorite cat goes underwater with the new and rare Hello Kitty Dry Suit

When you think Hello Kitty, you are likely to think pretty pink and white whiskers and bows instead of functional diving suits but whiskers and bows can be functional too and so here we have, a one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty Dry Suit. Made for kawaii water sports, the full-body dry suit will feature the Sanrio cat’s iconic red and white bows decorating the arms and shoulders, as well as a few on the chest. There is also the Hello Kitty eyes and whiskers on its Hello Kitty diving hood and flaunting the label – “Hello Kitty” stamped on the back of the left leg.

Available in black or white, the suit also comes with a red Kitty-chan ribbon (large or small sizes) and an ankle weight (500g) and yes, it also features deep-sea essentials including genuine valves and seals.

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This limited edition item, with only 50 pieces available, will be priced at $5,293 and is expected to stock on Japan Trend Shop from Thursday 20 August, 2015.

[Available at : Japan Trend Shop]

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