Under the bright blue ocean – Could this be the most tranquil location for Yoga ever?

By now, everybody must know that the Maldives houses a restaurant that is regarded as the largest underwater restaurant in the world. But as it turns out, there’s more to do at this underwater venue than gaze at tropical fish as you eat. The 5.8 Underwater Restaurant will transform into a tranquil yoga studio for a select group of guests this Saturday.

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The restaurant is organizing this event – which is the world’s first underwater yoga event- with the help of yoga instructor Jessica Olie. Guests are promised “physical and mental rewards, with captivating views of fish around you as you move from one pose to the next bringing you even closer to a state of the zen-like state of mind.” The 60-minute vinyasa flow session will also include refreshments.

The session is suitable for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners and is priced at $120 per person. The number of available spots is very limited, so if you’re in the Maldives and interested in the session make a reservation here.

The session is scheduled for March 17 at 9 am.

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