From lavish rooms in caves to villas perched on stilts to futuristic floating pods in the ocean – These are the 7 most unique luxury hotels across the world

The most unique hotels in the world for 2020.

The pandemic may have taken the fun out of 2020 but 2021 will be here sooner than we realize and travel will resume. The world will be our oyster yet again and where will you head? If you haven’t used all this time spent in isolation to stir up some post-pandemic adventures then help is here. Your post-COVID travel bucket list has got to be nothing but amazing and we have listed some off-the-grid destinations that will make the most special holiday of your life truly memorable. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s to embrace the unpredictable which is why we are going down a different path this time with some of the world’s most breathtaking hotels that are also very unique in nature. Let’s find out what sets them apart…

Anthénea, France:
2021 can offer you seclusion, peace, and experience in the form of the world’s first floating eco-deluxe floating pod shaped like the floating saucer in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. imagine yourself in the middle of the ocean with nothing but the blue waters surrounding you and your spacious living room area, a bedroom with an enormous round bed, as well as a bathtub that can be filled with either sea or freshwater. Rent or buy it, Anthénea’s wellness pod is one of the most glorious ways of enjoying the sea and sun without compromising on luxury.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya:
Haven’t we spent way too much time indoors? That unwittingly makes us want our next destination to be nestled within a lush forest. No better place than Kenya; and no better experience than the iconic Giraffe Manor. A 1930s-style manor house hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi, not only brings to you the grandeur of East Africa in the form of gorgeous interiors, verdurous gardens, and affluent suites, it brings to your breakfast plate, quite literally, a playful interaction with the splendid giraffes. Not something one finds on your regular itinerary right?

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Anantara Golden Triangle bubble, Thailand:
Ocean view, garden view, pool view rooms are passé, how about elephant view? At Thailand’s Anantara Golden Triangle bubble you can observe the majestic elephants in their natural habitat right from the comfort of your king-size bed in your fully furnished, transparent Jungle Bubble. The luxurious bubble offers a capacious bedroom with a king-size bed and seating area under a transparent dome-like roof that welcomes uninterrupted views of the gentle giants, as well as the stunning starlit sky above.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives:
When escaping the hysteria of your life or the plain mundaneness of it, becomes imperative, it is wise to revel in the paradise that awaits us without plundering us of all our hard-earned money. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is an idyllic island paradise that gives visitors a first-hand glimpse of the Technicolor marine life. It’s one of the most amazing places to unite with a world that lies underwater by opting to stay in the water villas built on stilts or indulge in unique undersea dining at its restaurant Ithaa. To make the most of your stay here, opt for the ‘Muraka’, a three-bedroom residence spread across two levels that perch above and below the surface of the Indian Ocean.

Kelebek Cave Hotel, Turkey:
The mythical land of Cappadocia shouldn’t be visited just for its hot air balloons, it’s also home of distinctive “fairy chimneys,” tall, cone-shaped rock formations clustered in Monks Valley, Göreme. What if you could call it home for a few days? The Kelebek Cave Hotel is your destination, perched above the quaint village of Goreme, The Kelebek Special Cave Hotel offers magnificent views over the village and fulfills your dream of staying in a cave hotel to the T with the unusual interior of their traditional cave dwellings. This place is fascinating where you enjoy modern conveniences coupled with ancient mosaics and medieval touches.

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Longitude 131°, Australia:
As far as luxury camps go, Longitude 131° is the most opulent in the world. Located in the Central Desert in the heart of Australia are 16 elegantly-designed tented pavilions sitting pretty against the rust-red landscape. The Dune Pavilion is a modern interpretation of the Australian homestead that shines as the star of the property as it offers views of both World Heritage-listed natural icons Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). The premium suite has two spacious bedrooms, a private plunge pool overlooking the desert landscape, as well as a beautiful outdoor deck with a daybed for you to lounge around in. Glamping at its finest!

Sala Silver Mine Hotel Suite, Sweden:
If the idea of spending a night with your loved one 509 ft below the earth’s surface, excites you, then Sala Silver Mine Hotel Suite, Sweden should feature on your bucket list. Located deep in the bowels of an old mine the world’s deepest hotel suite is found to be a relatively small chamber. Once inside you will notice a luxurious double bed, champagne, silver furnishings, and no cell phone service. The only means of communication with the outside world is an intercom to contact a staff member that stands available throughout the stay. An unimaginable and eerie experience that is certainly not recommended for the faint-hearted.

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