Celebrated designer Jean Paul Gaultier to design a collection for Target Australia

For a while H&M was stealing all the spotlight thanks to collaborations with high profile fashion houses like Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Lanvin and even Balmain, but other commercial retailers have quickly joined in on the action. Most recently Target Australia has joined hands with international designer Jean Paul Gaultier to launch a wide range of products including apparel and accessories for men, women and children as well as homeware. The collection will supposedly include 100 pieces with the starting price listed as just $10.

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‘Every time I’ve been to Australia I’ve been impressed by the laid-back, unstuffy confidence that Australians display with their fashion – it resonates with my design philosophy and has such synergy with my own approach to fashion and style,’ said the designer. ‘I believe in fashion that you can wear every-day not just on a catwalk – which is really what Target stands for at its core – which made it the right retail partner for me to choose to bring this range to market in Australia,’ he added.

Expect to see lots of Gaultier’s signature elements like nautical inspired Breton stripes and tattoo designs. Considering that the collection is set to include lingerie, we might even spot a conical bra in the mix. Unfortunately the collaboration is exclusive to Target Australia, so the only way you’ll find these pieces in the USA is through some enterprising Ebay sellers. But look on the bright side, there’s never been a better excuse to take a well-deserved vacation to the land down under!

There’s no word as yet on when the collection will be launched, but you can bet that we’ll be tuned in for updates. In the meanwhile, if you can’t get enough of JPG’s quirky-classic style check out his other collaborations that include lingerie, jewelry and even tea!

[ Via : Target ]

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