Take a look inside Australia’s first spa for babies

Less than a year ago, sisterly duo Kavita Kumar and Anita Yap commenced operations of their spa business in Perth, Australia. Now now, this is no ordinary spa; it’s a spa exclusively for little ones. From hydrotherapy and massage sessions, the sisters have entertained over 3,500 babies since their debut on the Perth childcare scene.

‘We have had an overwhelming response to Baby Spa Perth since we opened just over 10 months ago,’ Kavita said. ‘We now offer packages of 3, 5 and 10 sessions with a lot of clients experiencing the spa with their “mother’s group” on a weekly basis.

Instead of the conventional mother-toddler experiences, Kavita and Anita have aimed for a rather modern concept! Indeed, Laura Sevenus of England had introduced baby spas a while back, but this is the only spa exclusively for babies. Bubs as young as two days old to six months come to the spa to relax in hydrotherapy pools, floating with a specially designed device called the BUBBY, and are then wrapped in a warm towel before being treated to a grape-seed oil massage by trained nurses and staff.

Hydrotherapy is the perfect way to get your baby feeling confident in the water prior to swimming lessons.’ Kavita said. ‘The Baby Spa is a perfect opportunity for my sister and I to leverage our previous skills sets around children, family and physical therapy. Having lived in London for 10 years before moving back to Australia, I first experienced the Baby Spa with my own son, Nadal.’ added Kavita.

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Each session costs $85 and lasts up to an hour.

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