It seems that the coveted American Express Centurion was even out of reach for Kendall Roy. The ‘Succession’ protagonist used an Amex Platinum, and it, along with his other credit cards, was auctioned for $10,000.

Fans can’t get enough of HBO’s hit show ‘Succession,’ and anything that brings them closer to the mega-wealthy Roy family is highly sought-after. The props from the highly successful fictional family’s legacy were auctioned online at Heritage Auctions. Anything with Kendall Roy’s name on it was bound to sell out, and it certainly did. The protagonist’s driver’s license and credit cards sold for a cool $10,000.

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The mock driver’s license features a picture of Roy, along with his address and date of birth, and several credit cards including a Platinum Mastercard, a Coutts World Mastercard, and two American Express Platinum Cards, befitting the head honcho of Waystar RoyCo, a global media and entertainment conglomerate.

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Kendall Roy’s ID card was sold for $6250.

The auction featured over 200 props and costumes from the HBO show, which has been running for four seasons since its debut in 2018. A spokesperson for Heritage Auctions said, ‘This auction was like stepping into the Roys’ endless closets full of fashion that merely whispers wealth; it’s brand-name bingo, with four seasons’ worth of coveted, craveable clothing available in a single sitting.’

Cousin Greg’s wallet and credit cards were sold for $5750.

They continued, ‘The entire auction did extraordinarily well, especially the significant props tied to unforgettable moments in ‘Succession.’ Ultimately, this auction was for the fans, who adore Jesse Armstrong’s masterpiece and wanted to own a part of it, whether it was something seen, worn, or spoken.’

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Roman Roy’s undelivered eulogy at his father Logan Roy’s eulogy sold for $25,000.

Jax Strobel, Heritage Screenbid’s managing director, added: ‘And today, those fans became collectors. We could not be more pleased with Saturday’s auction, and we’re sure those taking home a piece of the Roy legacy will feel the same way.’ Other Kendall Roy props auctioned included a mock-up Forbes magazine with Roy’s photo on the front cover, which sold for $4,775, a grey Prada suit for $7,600, and a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses that went for $6,300.

The American Express Centurion credit card.

The American Express Centurion, also known as the Black card, is one of the world’s most exclusive credit cards. Offered by invitation only, there are just a little over 100,000 Centurion cardholders in the world.

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