A can of fresh French air sells for $900 in China

Rapid development and prosperity comes at a high cost and no other place in the world is a better statement to this than China. The Middle Kingdom has been in the news as record air pollution has been plaguing its capital Beijing to the extend that schools are building climate controlled playgrounds for their students and luxury hotels installing air purification systems just so that their guests get breathable air. Local artist Liang Kegang decided to share his concern with the issue of choking pollution in his own way by auctioning off a jar of fresh air from Southern France which he bottled on a recent business trip. The rubber sealed jar of clear French mountain air was auctioned before a group of 100 artists and collectors where it sold for 5,250 yuan ($860).

“Air should be the most valueless commodity, free to breathe for any vagrant or beggar,” said Liang. Perhaps its a matter of time before Beijing customers can buy bottled water and compressed air from France.

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