Its not a joke – Zara China is actually selling these Pokemon themed Poke ball high heels

Pokémon fans have been sitting low for a while now with nothing exciting happening. That statement was completely incorrect as a very impressive collaboration between Pokémon and Zara has given the world a bold but beautiful pair of Pokémon high heels. Let’s be clear about one thing, this ain’t your regular kitschy merchandise, on the contrary, it’s the kinda shoe you wear to a business meeting while not ditching your fixation for Pokémon! Fundamentally, you never have to remove them again no matter where you’re headed. Zara’s Chinese division has made Pokémon booties with heels made from Poke Balls. The design is surprisingly streamlined with a sleek black body with a high snug ankle. There is a black stripe running down the heel which leads to a Poke Ball heel. The circular heel is about 1-2 inches high and painted the iconic red-and-white design introduced in Pokémon. Too bad they won’t be available all over the world as Pokémon fans would snatch the monochromatic pair with poke ball heels in a second. Japanese fans are already griping about not being able to get their hands on these as the heels are made exclusively for China.

There is no word on whether Zara will bring these shoes to the United States or elsewhere outside of China. Pokémon fans are crossing their fingers as the shoes are uniquely adorable, and they are being sold for only $30. For people who have worn their Pokémon fandom in the form of weird T-shirts and onesies this is as fashionable as Pokémon gets.

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[Via: SoraNews24]

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