China converts aircraft carrier to a luxury hotel

China seems to be on a roll as they add the Kiev to the Binhai Aircraft Park to its on-water luxury properties. Second, only to Varyag, the former Soviet aircraft carrier Kiev will also serve as a floating casino and offer all luxuries similar to the land’s properties. The carrier will sport five lavish presidential suites, prices of which are yet to be determined. However, the settings are anything but naval; it reeks of opulence, to say the least, considering the pictures that display massive white circular bed, silver lamé drapes, and a cowskin rug. A report in the South China Morning Post states that the cost of renovation of the aircraft carrier came to about yuan 100 million ($ 16.64 million)

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“Previously, China didn’t have aircraft carriers. People find them mysterious and are curious about them. Even though China’s first aircraft carrier has now gone on sea trials, it will be quite hard for the public to ever visit it,” said marketing manager Liu Chang. “I guess people can come here to fulfill their curiosity.”

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