Another one of Hermès’ Himalayan Crocodile Birkins has set a record after selling for over $217,000

Only a few days ago, we hinted that this Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30 with 18k white gold & diamond hardware might smash the existing record for the most expensive handbag in the world at the Christie’s auction that it was destined for. While it could not break the world record (held by an almost identical Birkin bag) of $382,000, the 10-year-old handbag did manage to set a new European record for the most expensive handbag after selling for around US$217,144 (£162,500).

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The bag exceeded the high estimate of US$200,850, prompting Christies to call it the most valuable bag in the world. This bag was in Grade 2 condition and supposedly had no obvious flaws; the world record setting Birkin was said to be in grade 1 condition at the time of sale.

Christie’s did not reveal the identity of the buyer, but whoever it is, they are in good company. A number of big name celebrities and fashion icons own the Himalayan Birkin including Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, and Celine Dion. Don’t be fooled by their ubiquity among the celeb set, they are still pretty rare with the rumor stating that only 50 have ever been produced.

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