Love luxury and adventure? The SeaXplorer yacht with two helipads may be just for you

Dutch shipbuilding company Damen has announced the sale of their 75-metre luxury expedition yacht, the SeaXplorer. The beautiful vessel was built in collaboration with yacht builders: Amels, based on a design by Azure Naval Architects. It may look a little different in comparison to other luxury yachts and this is because as an expedition vessel, it is intended for long journeys and needs to be autonomous and very reliable.

It may be atypical, but it’s not lacking in swagger at all. The SeaXplorer is equipped with two helipads, a hangar for storing the underwater vehicle and a diving center. It includes special storage for sporting equipment like skiis and snowboards. The yacht will be able to accommodate 12 guests (certainly enough people for a party or two!) and a crew of 25.

“Our client plans to visit with his guests the most beautiful and remote corners of the world. They will ski and snowboard on the virgin slopes of Kamchatka and dive underwater and fish in Papua New Guinea and the Galapagos Islands. They will be in places where there is no infrastructure, no roads and no helipads. And we designed SeaXplorer so that it could perform complex operations with the highest level of security and autonomy,” said the commercial director of the shipyard Rose Damen.

Other amenities include a wellness center, a Jacuzzi (!) and even a zero discharge waste management system. In addition to the seven luxurious suites that the vessel has to offer, guests can enjoy the beauty of the ocean in the bow point observation lounge.


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