Saddam Hussein’s Rolls Royce was on eBay

This surely is news! Even after his death, the name of Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq sends shivers down the spines of those who were oppressed by him. Today, he isn’t around but the traces of him refuse to leave the front page. How about this incident that occurred on the internet: Saddam Hussein’s Rolls Royce was for sale on eBay. Somehow it got off there either because some of his loyal supporters took it back or it was purchased for real or because the law stepped in to condemn it to the gallows too. The Corniche was purple in color and had all the makings of a royal steed.

The asking rate for Saddam’s car was £185,000 ($369,439). Well, I wonder what else eBay will feature among the mounting pile of possible antiques.

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