Rolls Royce debuts Dawn and Wraith inspired by Porto Cervo

Rolls Royce has delivered on the new model, Dawn that was promised a few months ago. Also launched at the event in Porto Cervo was a Wraith, which is the most powerful car we’ve seen from the marque. The cards are very dissimilar, yet each of them showcases the elegance and sophistication that characterizes the Rolls Royce brand.

Rolls Royce Dawn and Wraith inspired by Porto Cervo (2)
The bespoke Wraith features a two-tone silver exterior that captures the glamor of Porto Cervo without being flashy. The interior with its shades of blue, purple, slate, and black seems to hint at the darkness and mystery of nighttime.
Rolls Royce Dawn and Wraith inspired by Porto Cervo (4)
Meanwhile, the Dawn boasts a beautiful emerald green exterior along with a seashell and green leather interior that highlights the lushness of Porto Cervo. Open-pore teak has been liberally used in the interior giving the car a nautical feel. Even the luggage compartment is fitted with a bespoke teak boot floor mat so that every part of the car has that luxe feel.
Rolls Royce Dawn and Wraith inspired by Porto Cervo (5)
The Dawn’s dashboard boasts a unique jewel that you don’t see often in cars. It has been inlaid with emeralds and mother of pearl set in white gold, almost like a beautiful piece of jewelry. The precious stones are set in the shape of the emblem of Porto Cervo to always remind the occupants of the car’s origins.
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London-based tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta was inspired by the unforgettable coastal beauty of the Italian town to create tattooed leather Rolls-Royce headrests which will be presented alongside the Dusk until Dawn configuration in The Summer Studio. “The colors and atmosphere of Porto Cervo are truly inspiring. The designs I have created for Rolls-Royce evoke the emotion experienced by observing this magical place from the harbor of Promenade du Port,” said Coppoletta.
Rolls Royce Dawn and Wraith inspired by Porto Cervo (1)
The Rolls-Royce Summer Studio in Porto Cervo will be open until September 2016 and can be visited by appointment.

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