Rolls Royce Ghost gets a Paris Purple makeover by Fenice Milano

Time and again car enthusiasts have tuned and customised wraps for the Rolls Royce Ghost but few have the stunning elegance of the mysterious “Paris Purple” that has been styled by Italian styling group Fenice Milano. This baby is also modeled on the Rolls Royce Ghost and is set in purple hues, including the line of complementary accessories, and this has been created of a well-known international star. While we are asked to keep guessing who the star is, here is a quick round up of what changes the car has undergone. The vehicle will sport gold and carbon wheel rims, and the bonnet, radiator cowling, window frames and exhaust pipes are done up in 24-carat gold.

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On the inside, it features a “mix of exclusive leather and gold and carbon details” everything that goes well with a purple theme. With all this purple and gold talk, I am left to wonder, is this car for the WWE wrestler Gold Dust? Or has Paris Hilton commissioned this namesake gilded Rolls Royce Ghost to replace her Bentley?

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[Via FuelCommunication]