Rolls-Royce teases the next-generation Phantom VIII ahead of official launch

We are only a week away from the official launch of the long-awaited next-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom which will drop its cover on the 27th July. As we reported before, the British marque has planned quite a party for the unveiling of the Phantom VIII, which includes the grand exhibition of eight famous Phantoms from the past. Rolls-Royce has announced the final three of ‘The Great Eight Phantoms’ that will join the launch event; but more importantly, a new teaser image of the upcoming luxury sedan was released along with the announcement.

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The teaser image of the Phantom VIII shows the front end of the car from the side. The digital rendition, without any surprises, doesn’t give much information on the shape or the new fresh design of the car. However, we can see the headlamp, even though it’s just a side view, looks quite a bit different than before. In fact, a slew of images have been leaked online which are claimed to be from the Phantom VIII’s official brochure. And those pictures, if they are authentic, give us a very good look at the upcoming car. Nevertheless, in a week’s time, we will get the next-generation, 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom and also get to see the eight glorious Phantoms from the past come together to celebrate the launch. The newly announced three great Phantoms from the past that will join the exhibition include Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Phantom VI State Limousine, the Aga Khan Phantom IV, and the First Goodwood Phantom – Phantom VII.

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