Southwest London’s now offers a boutique hotel for cats

Our feline friends are absolutely entitled to the same comfort and luxury you experience, and well, it’s only fair that its provided. Thankfully for some cat-keepers, Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Norbury recognises the need of the hour.

Offering 6 beautifully designed suites, Southwest London’s Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Norbury entails climate-controlled bedrooms and spacious play areas for cats. Yes, we’re indeed talking room service and personalised care.
Nestled in the cute garden of Laura & Robbie’s family home, this new boutique hotel for cats well perched between Crystal Palace and Streatham and easily accessible from all London areas. Just off the A23 the main route out of London to Gatwick Airport and the south coast, perfect for those wishing to check their cats in before enjoy their own holiday! Norbury train station is only 10 minutes walk away.

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If you’re a cat-lover and waiting to avail of this delightful experience, we recommend contacting them on 020 3887 2443 or e mail [email protected]. To reserve a suite or schedule a viewing please contact us on 020 3887 2443 or complete our contact form.


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