Mercedes fails to dent Rolls Royce will discontinue Maybach in 2013

Mercedes-Benz will kill Maybach in 2013 as it hasn’t lived up to its original sales expectations. The company hopes to then focus on its Mercedes-Benz brand, and once the Maybach goes, a fifth generation of the S-Class will be launched in three variants. Maybach’s two main models, the 57 and 62, didn’t meet expectations, and this move will help them focus on the more prime part of their business. It isn’t such bad news as the brand never got such a huge fan following. This is good news, so connoisseurs pay attention to one thing and master its brilliance rather than tap into alternatives for variety. Maybach Landaulet pictured after the jump.

The Maybach Landaulet sells for the US $1.4 million.

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