Mercedes-Benz,Google and Yahoo help you with “Search & Send”

If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and are completely lost on the directions then what do you do? Obviously, you can try out on your car navigation device but as usual, most of them don’t measure up to those from sites like Yahoo and Google. This one is for those who drive Mercedes-Benz! All you got to do is ask your pal or spouse at home/office to search for a destination online and then send it right to your Mercedes-Benz. All this is possible because of the new “Search & Send” feature. A new “Send to Car” icon that will appear on both companies’ mapping sites will allow you to send customized directions, maps, addresses, and points of interest to your Mercedes’ GPS navigation system. Once you get in your car, pushing the “i” button in your Mercedes will download the information directly to your car’s computer for either immediate or future use. Better yet, other people can send directions to your car while you’re driving. Not bad, eh?

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You can literally say that Mercedes takes the maps from your house/office to your car. It will be available on the Mercedes S-class sedan and CL-class coupe as of September 5 and the entire 2008 C-class lineup.

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