Finally an SUV for POTUS – This armored Mercedes Benz G-Wagen can withstand bullets, rockets and even comes with an escape hatch

Famed German high-performance tuning company Brabus specializes in Mercedes-Benz and other Daimler vehicles. Their tuning packages transform mass-produced vehicles into sinister-looking beasts with tarmac-shattering power. Out of all their creations, we have always loved what they have done with the G-Wagen; especially the Brabus G63 AMG 6×6. But their newest G-Wagen-based offering has taken a slightly different route than usual. Brabus has announced a new line of armored Mercedes-Benz G63 called Invicto. While the Mercedes-AMG G63 is already a robust SUV built to tackle the most challenging conditions, Brabus has completely overhauled it inside out by equipping it with its Invicto Shelter Cell that meets OEM factory armoring standards.

The Invicto Shelter Cell adds hot-formed steel plates and special 3-D-printed protection parts to the G63 that gives it VR6-level ballistic protection. In addition to that, Brabus has also added the Invicto VR6 Plus ERV (Explosion Resistant Vehicle) package to G63 to provide it with blast-protection. The Invicto G63 is available in three trim levels: PURE, LUXURY and MISSION. Pure is the entry-level offering which comes with the maximum level of protection on offer with minimum changes to the exterior and the cabin. The Luxury trim adds tailor-made and handcrafted interior to the package, along with exterior updates and performance upgrades. The top-of-the-line Mission trim level is specifically designed to be used as an escort vehicle for “special target groups” and features protection vests-compatible seats, “Molle”-system door panels, a roof rail system, a digital rear display mirror, intercom system, and 20-inch off-road tires.

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Brabus’s B40S-800 performance kit for the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 can offer a considerable performance bump with the engine producing 789 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque. This not only offsets the added 2205 pounds of weight thanks to all the armoring but also adds a bit of extra oomph. It can do the 0-60mph sprint in 8.2 seconds, while the top speed is limited to 130mph. In addition to all this, Brabus also has a long list of optional extras like auxiliary roof lights, a fire extinguishing system, an IR package including a night vision device, a fresh air system, and an escape hatch. There is no word on the pricing as of yet.

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