Designo Manufaktur enables buyers to customize their Mercs

Mercedes now has a dedicated personalization program that empowers buyers to customize the cars they order. Designo Manufaktur can help customize cars in a manner that wouldn’t be considered possible in the factory supply chain. Surprisingly, the company has chosen the G-Class SUV to start with. Going forward more cars from the house of Mercedes will be added to the roster.

In case of the G-Class SUV, prospective purchasers can choose the matte finish and even explore contrasting roof colors on the vehicle. Other enhancements include customizing the coat on the wheels, customize the inlays on the exterior side rub strips, set up installations on the wheel cover and color based on your whim. You can also choose contrast stitching on the upholstery, tinted glass and even Alcantara accents. This can completely spoil you if you are right-brain inclined.
The company also enables enthusiasts and buyers to choose from a variety of leather coats for the interiors of the car. It is clear from the enthusiasm that this could generate that other manufacturers and design studios could also take up customization modules and open it up for the public.

[ Via : Motorauthority ]

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