Rolls Royce’s $46,000 limited edition cocktail hamper will bring out the mixologist in you

Rolls Royce has surprised us with the introduction of a new limited edition Cocktail Hamper. Designed by Sina Maria Eggl who is Rolls Royce’s resident accessory designer with input from experts from Dorchester Collection’s London Hotels, the hamper can be used to create a wide range of classic and modern cocktails.

The hamper is hand crafted from American Walnut Wood and Natural Grain Leather, materials which are also used to create the elegant interiors of a number of Rolls Royce cars. Inside is a selection of utensils that will thrill anyone who loves mixing drinks. Each item is created with an attention to detail that makes it both practical and aesthetically appealing.
When the box is opened, an automatic integrated light illuminates the interior revealing platinum tipped glassware, shiny metal bar-tools and other essentials including an ice bucket, napkins, plates, and even drawers for recipe cards and notes.
You’ll also find a muddler finished in American Walnut and a strainer engraved with the ‘RR’ monogram stored on a specially developed moveable rack that can be locked when not in use and moved via a hinge to ensure easy access when required. The hamper and all its constituents are made from the finest materials. Europe’s most revered glassmaker, Theresienthal, supplied the glassware. In fact the glasses themselves took one month to complete because of technique used to create them that involves having the glass blown into beech wood molds, to provide an exceptionally smooth surface.
The Hamper even includes a glass tray so that perfectly created cocktails can be served in the style that they deserve. The set in completed by the addition of a book containing cocktail recipes inspired by the marque’s heritage. With only 15 pieces produced, the £26,366 ($46,328 is to be expected. And if you think that one of those 15 should be yours, head to one of Rolls Royce’s 130 global dealerships and stake your claim before they disappear.

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