Mercedes-Benz encases a vintage G-Class in amber to celebrate the launch of new G-Wagen

To celebrate the launch of the all-new G-Class, Mercedes-Benz pulled out a first-of-its-kind stunt – a G-Wagen from the first production year enchased in the world’s biggest installation of synthetic resin. With a deliberate nod to ‘Jurassic Park’ and a reference to the natural phenomenon of insects fossilized in amber, the German automaker created the stunt to highlight the unchanging DNA of the G-Class over the years. The installation is made of a 1979 280 GE positioned nose down suspended in 44.4 tons of amber-colored synthetic resin. The block measures 5.5 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and 3.1 meters high, and it took 90 days to create with the bloc growing by around 3 centimeters in height every day.

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“Our cult off-road vehicle has been continuously evolving for nearly 40 years—without losing its character or its core values,” said Dr. Gunnar Güthenke, Head of the Off-Road Vehicle in a statement. “Its DNA is stronger than time and then any fashion trend. The cube expresses this to stunning effect and thus embodies the objective for advancing the G-Class.” As a part of company’s marketing campaign, Mercedes will tour the impressive installation around the world, along with the new G-Class.

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