Mercedes Benz joins the bandwagon by launching a subscription program in the US

Yes, that’s right. Mercedes is the latest to announce it’s own Netflix-like subscription service for its cars, joining a fast expanding list of marques experimenting with the business model. It was just last week when BMW launched its pilot subscription program “Access by BMW” in the US. And now, its fiercest German rival has jumped on the bandwagon by introducing its pilot program in Nashville and Philadelphia, starting this June. Interestingly, BMW also chose Nashville as a test bed to try out its car-sharing program. Called Mercedes-Benz Collection, the service will allow users to swap vehicles “depending on their needs or lifestyle.”

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Mercedes is yet to give details about the program, including the cars that will be on offer and the pricing. All we know is there will be a handful of monthly subscription tiers, with the top tier offering Mercedes-AMG models. The pricing is expected to be similar to that of BMW and Porsche’s programs that start at $2000-per-month. Volvo, on the other hand, offers its service at a much affordable $600. The monthly subscription fee will also include insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and vehicle maintenance, with no limit on mileage for any vehicle.

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