A $700,000 armored Mercedes Benz S600 rolls out with gilded interior

Riding in an armored vehicle unquestionably means you are a person of importance. Sitting within that bomb and bulletproofshell makes all the difference between the ultimate protection and morbidly enough, death itself. Taking this protective cocoon to the next level would be adding a touch of luxury to it. That is exactly what Topcar’s Russian customer has done to the interior of his heavily armored Mercedes-Benz S600 (W221). Decorated with genuine crocodile leather, Nappa and Alcantara leather, gold and Karelian birch the Russian customer has added luxurious interiors making his on-road experience not just secure, but also well appointed.

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Gold always perfectly suits when we speak of luxury, and all the chrome surfaces in this Mercedes are now covered in pure gold.
The crocodile leather has a lozenge texture and covers the seats, doors, the dash, and the floor and the ceiling while the quilted leather Nappa decorates luggage compartment.
Armoring this car would cost you $600,000 in Russia, and if like this Russian individual, luxury is what you seek then be ready to shell out another $100,000 to complete the entire package.

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