Rolls-Royce collaborates with Australian suit maker for a tuxedo collection

Rolls-Royce has signed up for a first-of-its-kind brand collaboration with an Australian tuxedo brand named ‘The Bespoke Corner.’ The Sydney based menswear brand has created two very special tuxedos inspired by Rolls-Royce’s two most exclusive models. The highly exclusive limited edition tuxedos will be made to measure in Tuscany, Italy. “The Rolls-Royce brand is iconic not just for its motorcars but for its unique contemporary luxury lifestyle,” says Miles Wharton, Co-Founder of The Bespoke Corner. “It is a rare privilege to be able to work with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sydney to produce a unique, contemporary collection of made-to-measure tuxedos.”

The brand chose from the most luxurious materials to make the $3,950+ tuxedos, which draw heavily from small interior details of both the Ghost and the Wraith. The “Starlight Tuxedo” draws its inspiration the Starlight headliner on a Rolls-Royce. The “Classic Velvet Plum” Tuxedo on the other hand is inspired by the rich palette of Rolls-Royce colors. There will be only 30 of the limited edition tuxedos (20 for the “Starlight” and 10 for the “Classic Velvet).


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