The eccentric Nazi sale: Adolf Hitler’s toilet keys taken from his desk by a British Airman are going under the hammer

Of all things, Adolf Hitler’s toilet keys are all set to go on sale! Said to be recovered from the Nazi leader’s personal toilet in the Reich Chancellery, the keys bear a metal tag with the Nazi eagle and swastika and is stamped ‘Reichskanzlei’ (Reich Chancellery).

Found in Hitler’s drawer in his desk by a British airman after Berlin was liberated in 1945, the collectible is one of its only kind to be saved since the end of World War Two. It was bought by a private collector (The late Reg Palmer, who owned a small museum near Charing Cross in London in the 1980s and ’90s) ten years ago.

Commenting on it, Matthew Tredwen of C&T Auctions (in Ashford, Kent) in a statement, said: ‘[It] is engraved ‘Herren’ which means ‘men’ so it seems likely it was for a male-only area. Hitler would have had his own private toilet and changing facilities, so it’s possible this was for that purpose.’

In a letter accompanying the key, the seller states, ‘Reichskanzlei Toilet keys metal tab taken by me from a drawer of Adolf Hitler’s own desk. A.a. Williams Flight-Lieut R.A.F July 1945.’ It is expected to sell anywhere upwards of $425 on May 26. Would you fancy buying it?

[Via: The Scottish Sun]

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