They were already the most advanced in the world and now Japanese toilets are all set to become even more high tech with ‘holographic floating displays’

Japan is the land f the rising sun and forever rising technology. They have it all from unnecessary tomato-dispensing robots to useful air-conditioned helmets, a player that only plays when you’re listening to it, and the cleanest technologically-advanced toilets in the world. So acclaimed are these toilets that Toto, the world-famous toilet artisan, actually fashioned a one-of-a-kind exhibit highlighting the history of toilets and showcased a futuristic toilet in the glorious view of its white and gently curved exterior! The pandemic has taught the Japanese that only sparkling clean derrieres won’t do anymore; it’s equally and probably more essential that the fingers remain clean and germ-free. Japan’s electronic automatic toilets are already equipped with some fabulous features such as seat warming, deodorizing, courtesy music, adjust water temperature, adjust water pressure, drying, energy-saving, water conservation, and nozzle clean functions but are not touchless. Enter Shizuoka-based Murakami Corporation and Kyoto-based startup Parity Innovation that will now minimize the spread of germs and bacteria with the help of innovative “Floating Pictogram Technology.”

This technology will keep up with our current perils and allow users to operate functions with a projected control panel through infrared sensors with no physical contact. This technology is so advanced you can actually operate floating images like a regular touch panel but without touching it, pretty much like all hi-tech sci-fi movies. For now, Murakami Corporation is concentrating on rolling out the technology in 2022 and will focus on the potential widespread use of touchless controls for both convenience and hygiene sake. I can already think of so many places where this technology can reduce the effects of the pandemic, like ATMs and inside elevators. This can surely be a part of Bill Gates’ strategy to combat pandemics and be a better-prepared planet.

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