Man in Japan splurges his wife’s inheritance on a mobile game

If you think your partner’s addiction to mobile games is bad then think again. It might not be as extreme as this Japanese man who blew all the money his wife inherited from her mother on mobile games. According to stats, Japanese people spend more money on mobile games than game players from other parts of the world. A system called ‘Gacha’ has to be blamed for it. Rather than using in-game purchases to but new weapons or unlock new levels and characters, this system uses a form of slot machine mechanics making even the most frugal of players splurge their hard-earned cash.

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Recently, a distraught wife in Japan went on the internet to sought help from netizens on an incredibly difficult situation which has left her without most of her savings. She received a life insurance payout of eight million yen (US$71,900) when her sister and mother passed away three years ago. Life any other prudent person, she deposited the money in the bank, which along with the money she and her husband had already saved totaled to 12 million yen (US$108,000). Little did she know that the husband’s addiction of mobile gaming will vaporize all of it.

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In two and a half years, the husband emptied the bank account spending about 400,000 yen (US$3,600) per month on games all the while pretending as if nothing was happening. To top it all off, her husband had not even apologized at all! Listing to her plight, netizens gave their opinions with the majority agreeing she should file for divorce. Some even suggested her consult with a lawyer and the husband should cough up the money.


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